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Found 12 results

  1. Council Bluffs, Ia -- 6/16/2021, Around 7:40 pm a man attempted to elude Council Bluffs Police during a traffic stop. Council Bluffs Police attempted to stop Davis around S. 27th and 5th Ave, from there Tyler Scott Davis fled. According to the Police scanner, Davis was driving a stolen vehicle. During the incident, Davis ran stop signs, drove reckless, was carrying drugs and paraphernalia, driving with a suspended license and more. The vehicle was eventually located in the alley between 7th and 8th Ave, in the 2000 block.The Driver had fled after crashing the Cadillac into a pol
  2. Council Bluffs, Ia -- At about 10:45 a police pursuit from Omaha came into Council Bluffs via I-80 eastbound. The pursuit started in Fremont, Ne, went through Omaha and finally ended in Council Bluffs, Ia in Westwood Park located at 35th and 12th Ave. OPD spiked the white trucks tires in Omaha causing the front right tire to deflate. Once the suspects entered Westwood Park they stopped at the ball diamond and foot bailed. One suspect was apprehended at Westwood, the other suspect fled to Harvey's Casino and was apprehended. Both suspects were taken into custody. The white
  3. Early into Friday morning a Council Bluffs Police Officer seen a suspicious vehicle at Country Inn Suites in Council Bluffs. As the Police Officer drove upon the vehicle the suspect took off hitting the Council Bluffs Police Officers vehicle. Council Bluffs Police started a chase that took them past the Casinos and into a residential area. The suspect driving a tan Chevy truck reached speeds of a 100 mph around 35th and 9th avenue and proceeded north to 35th and G, From 35th and G Able 1 helicopter from Omaha picked the suspect up from the air while the driver proceeded to get onto
  4. 10-17-2020 Around 8 p.m. Pottawattamie County Sheriffs (3 Deputies) went into pursuit of a suspected stolen vehicle on hwy 6 in Council Bluffs. Council Bluffs Police intercepted the chase and threw out stop sticks at Metro Drive and 275 hitting the suspects front right tire. The pursuit ended shortly there after around South 11th Street off of Vets Memorial Highway. The vehicle was from Nebraska and reached speeds of over 100 mph during the chase.
  5. At about 7:30 pm in Council Iowa, Council Bluffs Police attempted to pull over a car on Railroad Avenue. The suspect didn't stop for CBPD instead took off. Council Bluffs Police ensued a pursuit that eventually got onto Interstate 80 westbound then went over the I-80 Bridge into Omaha Nebraska. Council Bluffs Police ended pursuit at the state line over the I-80 bridge and then needed to turn around to head back to Council Bluffs. The Council Bluffs Police Officer who was in pursuit used the 13th street exit to turn around by the Henry Doorly Zoo however when he got off on the 13
  6. Around 12:30 am Saturday Council Bluffs Police went into pursuit of a car with 3 individuals that ended in Omaha. 2 Individuals were arrested by Omaha Police. The pursuit lead Council Bluffs Police into Omaha where Council Bluffs Police ended pursuit at the state line. Council Bluffs Police spiked the cars tires however before the car crossed the Nebraska / Iowa state line. Even though Council Bluffs Police ended the pursuit at the state line they found the car around 14th and Cass at the Cambria Hotel parking lot and notified OPD. While a Council Bluffs Police Officer waited by
  7. MetroNewsNow

    Sheriff chase on hwy 6 ends in crash

    Early Saturday morning around 2am the Pottawattamie County Sheriff chased a white truck out of Council Bluffs on hwy 6 that ended near 250th street in a crash.. The chase started on Broadway and continued down hwy 6 to road off 250th street 2 black males were arrested and drugs were found. Both males were transported to the Pottawattamie County Jail. One male was from Omaha and the other was from Denver Colorado.
  8. Council Bluffs Police motorcycle chase - Suspect admits wrong doing Sunday early morning Council Bluffs Police attempt to stop a motorcycle with a female passenger on Broadway. Council Bluffs Police chased the suspect over the viaduct and into a Bucky's gas station on 16th and Broadway. The driver of the motorcycle sped through Bucky's gas station off Broadway and onto 16th street. once on 16th street the suspect then turned onto 16th and Avenue A. During that turn onto 16th and Avenue A the driver lost control of his bike and crashed. In this video the suspect admits to Police
  9. Pottawattamie County Sheriff and Council Bluffs Police attempted to chase a muscle car down Ave G in Council Bluffs Monday night around 10 pm. Video from a home security camera captured the event live and shows the car was traveling at such a high rate of speed a home camera system couldn't even catch a full image of the vehicle. Metro News Now spoke with several neighbors who said the car sounded like it was running open headers and was moving somewhere in the ballpark at over a 100 mph on the normally 30 mph street speed limit. One resident said he thought it was possibly a newer M
  10. Several citizens reported a van going the wrong way into oncoming traffic on interstate 80 around 10:30 p.m. 4-26-2020 Sunday evening. The Pottawattamie County Sheriff caught up with the suspect. The driver of the van refused to stop and took off from the Sheriff initiating a pursuit. The pursuit went from Interstate 80 to then highway 6. Law enforcement spiked the tires. The Pottawattamie County Sheriffs department then got the suspect stopped on Highway 6 on about 270th st. When Metro News Now arrived on scene, the Pottawattamie County Sheriff had Highway 6 closed near the scene and was
  11. Around 12am in Council Bluffs Police chased a red truck with no plates from Kanesville blvd to Omaha. During the high speed pursuit, the truck turned north on 25th and Broadway and headed down 25th street to the I-29 entrance. The suspects threw a baggie out of the window near 25th and Ave B on their way to the I-29 entrance which the Council Bluffs Police recovered. After the suspects entered I-29 Council Bluffs Police was waiting for the suspects on the 480 interchange where they spiked the left front tire of the truck. The suspects then proceeded to Omaha where they
  12. MetroNewsNow

    High Speed Chase I-29 Council Bluffs

    3/22/2020 - A high speed chase early morning Sunday starting around the Crescent interchange outside of Council Bluffs on I-29 southbound lead to a continuing pursuit into Council Bluffs where spike strips were deployed to stop the suspect. The chase ended around the 35th street exit on I-29 South with 1 suspect apprehended. No civilians or police were hurt in the incident.
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