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    Opinion: Camera system - lights needed for walk bridge and trail


    Many residents of Council Bluffs use the Rivers edge park and walk trail. Many residents also use the John Kerry Pedestrian Bridge. During the time both have been opened it's seen its fair share of crime.

    The type of issues the bridge, park and walk trail from 25th street to the casinos seems to attract is lewd conduct, attempted suicides, criminals using the bridge to commit crimes in Council Bluffs and run back to Omaha before they can be caught and crimes associated with the homeless and other miscellaneous criminal mischief.

    Metro News Now has heard all of these examples above come across the scanner at one time or another since the inception of the park, bridge and walk-way. Our story on the 36th and Ave G Kwik Shop robbery is just one example of the bridge being used by criminals.

    Cameras at both end of the bridge are needed to help and aid both Council Bluffs Police and OPD in their efforts to keep the public safe and be able to respond to incidents appropriately with the right county services, for example suicide attempts and using Fire and Rescue.

    The park and trail from the Casinos to 25th street should also be considered for additional cameras and lighting for those cameras.



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