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    Woman pepper sprayed at Cube Bar in Council Bluffs, Ia


    Early Monday morning a woman at the Cube Bar was pepper sprayed and Council Bluffs Police were called.

    Several people were detained then released and there were arrests. One male was intoxicated and refused to leave an area when asked repeatedly by CBPD to go. The man can be seen staggering barely able to walk before his interaction with CBPD.

    The initial call was for an assault in the bar and security had deployed mace.  Council Bluffs Police ended up arresting three people, names below. 

    • Delton Collins, of Council Bluffs—Disobedience to Police Officer, Public Intoxication
    • Diana Opara,  of Omaha—Disorderly conduct in a place of business
    • Gatluak Wie, of Bellevue—Public Intoxication








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