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    Woman drives vehicle into Lake Manawa during suicide attempt


    Around 11-11:30 pm last night a call come into Council Bluffs 911 dispatch that a woman was at North Shore Drive at Lake Manawa threatening to drive her vehicle into the lake off a boat ramp.

    Once police arrived the woman drove off into the water.

    The woman was rescued by CBPD and was taken away by Council Bluffs Paramedics in good physical health. The CBPD Officers had no injuries and are ok. Great job CBPD.

    The Official Council Bluffs Police Press Release narrative reads as follows:
    On 7/30/2020 at 11:32 pm Officers Porter and Youso were dispatched to Lake Manawa Park for a suicidal female threatening to drive her car into the lake. The officers located the female sitting in her car with the vehicle facing the boat ramp. The female drove the vehicle into the lake before the officers could stop her. Officer Porter jumped onto the hood of the car and pulled her out through the window of the vehicle as the vehicle was sinking under the water. Officer Porter and Officer Youso were then able to swim her to the dock and get her safely out of the water. The female was transported to the hospital for mental health treatment.






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