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    Old Market Protest - arrests, curfew enforced.

    Metro News Now showed up to the protest around 7:30pm at the Old Market at Howard st. It didn't take long before Omaha Police, Nebraska State Patrol and other surrounding police agencies enforced the 8 pm curfew time. Metro News Now noticed riot police showing up around that time.



    Also noticeable was a second bus of police entering the Old Market area around 8pm

    Around 8pm Nebraska Law enforcement teams entered the Old Market and started removing protesters. It wasn't until after 8 pm some protesters refused to leave and about 25-30 were arrested and loaded up.

    There were also firearms arrests.

    The violence at this protest site appeared to be not as bad as the days before even though police were forced to deploy pepper balls. Metro News Now didn't see bottle or rock throwing and most people left when asked or told.




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