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    Have you seen this Council Bluffs Police Officer? If so...


    Have you seen this Council Bluffs Police Officer? If so, please say hello and tell him how much you appreciate him.


    To the Chief's right and promoted to Lieutenant is Chad Geer.  Lt. Geer was hired in 1996 and served on various shifts of the Uniform Division until 2009, with 2 years spent in CID from 2001-2003.  


    From 2009-2011, he was assigned to the PAR Unit and promoted to Sergeant in 2011, when he went back as a Supervisor in the Uniform Division on both B and C shift.  

    Lt. Geer has also been the Team Leader for the Emergency Services Team from 1998-present.

    As a reporter I've met a lot of Police Officers. As a reporter I've met a lot of the general public. Interaction between people is always a joy to me but some people just stand out as just exceptional human beings. Council Bluffs Police Officer Lieutenant Chad Geer is that person.

    All I have to say is just say hello when you see him and see what I mean. The Council Bluffs community is truly fortunate and blessed to have Chad with us. Not only is he a great police officer, he's a wonderful human being. Chad's someone our kids and entire community can look up to and inspire to be on both a personal and professional level.

    I'm fortunate enough to say, Lieutenant Chad Geer is staying on the CBPD until retirement. We are so very fortunate to have a lifelong community member and police officer that cares about his community and people of his community the way Chad does. 

    Lieutenant Chad Geer is a shining star in our community,  let him know.

    We're so very proud to say, Thank You Lieutenant Chad Geer for all you do and we're so grateful and lucky to have such a great police officer in our community.

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