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    DUI driver with a .305 bac seriously injures Omaha Police Officer


    On Thu 07Jan21 at 1817hrs Officers responded to a PD accident on Hwy 75 NB at the I-80 interchange. While assisting w/ lane closures Officer Michael SALSEDA #2175 placed his cruiser in the #1 lane (Emergency overhead lights and directional bar were activated). SALSEDA, who was wearing a high visibility traffic vest, exited his vehicle to begin putting out flares when he was struck by vehicle #1.  Investigation indicated V#1 was northbound in the #1 lane and was unable to stop behind the cruiser. D#1 stated he tried to move to the right but there were cars in his way, so he veered to the left onto the shoulder to avoid hitting the cruiser.  At which point V#1 struck Officer SALSEDA who was still standing on the shoulder. Medic 31 transported to UNMC Code 3 TCC. SALSEDA has been admitted to the hospital w/  very serious but non life threatening injuries. The driver showed signs of impairment and was transported to Central Station, where SIPS Detectives conducted a DUI investigation. D#1's test results were a .305 bac on the datamaster.  D#1 was booked for DUI (serious bodily injury) at DCC


    Driver #1
    GUY, Christopher
    (dob) 02-28-1991
    Bellevue Ne


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