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    Cube bar cited for violating Iowa Governors Covid-19 Proclamation


    9-4-2020 the Cube Bar in Council Bluffs, Iowa was cited for violating the Iowa Governors Proclamation Effective until 11:59 p.m on September 20. They were over capacity.

    The Cube Bar in the past has had to deal with the Council Bluffs City Council and CBPD over issues with neighbors and complaints . In a single year The Cube had over 60 calls for service from the Council Bluffs Police Department. 

    At one point the Council Bluffs Police Department had to work with the Cube monthly to get their calls for service down. CBPD Chief Carmody stated The Cube is the only bar on block 100 that needs to be worked with. Chief Carmody also has stated he has to put a minimum of 3 cruisers in place at block 100 at bar close just in case something happens. To date, Council Bluffs Police have dedicated even more resources and talks have been stopped for some time due to the owner according to CBPD saying the issues weren't his problem.

    Also in the past, neighbor businesses have been vandalized and put blame directly at the Cube. One business owner was ready to just leave.

    Metro News Now has also received complaints from neighbors in 2020 about block 100.

    In 2020 alone several big brawls have broken out on Block 100 and other crimes have been committed. Assaults, dis-orderly conduct,, urinating in public, indecent exposure and more have occurred on Block 100. In previous Metro News Now articles you can see first hand from video what's occurring.

    The Cubes Liquor Licence is also up for renewal in the near future. The Council Bluffs City Council can do what the Omaha City Council and the Nebraska Liquor License Commission did to Reigns Lounge, not renew their license.


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