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    Council Bluffs George Floyd Protest: Bayliss Park Turns Violent, arrests & shut down


    Council Bluffs George Floyd Protest: Bayliss Park Turns Violent, Iowa Law enforcement shuts it down.

    Metro News Now was on scene when the protests started at Bayliss Park in Council Bluffs Iowa. A small group of protesters showed up around 7pm. Soon after 7pm parts of the group started harassing civilians, blocking traffic and causing issues.

    2 males were arrested. One arrest was for disorderly conduct and one for throwing a object (Possibly his phone) at a truck passing by and criminal mischief. The official charges for Jones for the incident on the 31st are as follows.


    Both males that were arrested are on video below giving statements to Metro News Now.

    One male that was arrested, Omar Jones of Council Bluffs used racist and foul language at our reporter as can be seen in the video below.

    Omar Jones has had numerous interactions with the Iowa Court system. One can view Omar Jones through
    Iowa Courts Online to see.

    Council Bluffs Police, Iowa State Patrol, Pott County Sheriff, plain cloths police and more were on scene quick after the protest started. After the violent incident of a object thrown at a truck occurred, Council Bluffs Police announced across a microphone the protest was shut down and everyone must leave the area.

    After the violence, the protest wasn't considered a peaceful protest anymore but a threat to the Council Bluffs community and the Iowa law enforcement agencies involved.

    Friday night Council Bluffs Police and Pott Co Sheriff also had set up at 35th and Broadway to intercept protesters coming from downtown Omaha where one had been shot.

    Once some of the protesters came over from Omaha they created disturbances including a shots fired from a car.







    The first male arrested Sunday evening at Bayliss Park was this person who gave a statement to Metro news Now.


    The second video shows the first male above getting arrested and it also shows the second male calling our reporter racist names and using foul language at him. This video also shows the second male throwing a large object at a passerby.


    This third video shows Iowa Law Enforcement breaking up the protesters.


    Thanks to Iowa Law enforcement's quick response no one was injured and ended the unlawful protest as soon as the public and police officers were in danger of a volatile situation getting worse.



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