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    Council Bluffs City Council 4-1 vote denies Cube Lounge liquor license renewal


    Council Bluffs, Ia -- 1/25/2021 In a 4-1 vote Monday night, the Council Bluffs City Council voted to deny the Cube's liquor license.


    Earlier in the day during the city councils study session Council Bluffs Chief of Police Tim Carmody said he couldn't in good faith support the Cube's license renewal.



    Attorney Deb Peterson said on certain dates "all related to incidents that happened in the street or sidewalk, there's no conclusive evidence in any of the supporting reports as to where the individuals may of been arrested were drinking".  Peterson mentioned only 1 incident on March 5, 2020 where an individual was arrested for criminal trespass. Peterson stated that it was the Cube who called police to have the individual removed after the individual failed to remove himself. Peterson then stated there was no drinking involved , "there's no service, there's no liquor license needed to have someone arrested for criminal trespass".

    Peterson also attempted to compare  call volume / arrests at the Casino's and Lipstix to the Cube. That was rebuffed by Council Bluffs Police by stating the size of the facilities are much different and so is the amount of people each of these establishments serve.



    At one point Chad Hannan stopped Deb Peterson to read a part of a statement by Chief Carmody. The statement Hannan read is as follows, "I will also note that staff at the Cube were encouraging an assault on officers by taunting us and recording on their phones while officers attempted to make arrests and control the crowd of people. The situation was very dangerous for officers and staff at the Cube were no longer cooperating with CBPD. This information should be passed onto other officers who may be responding to other disturbances at the Cube. In the last 365 days we've not only had Council Bluffs Police respond to incidents at the Cube but the Pottawattamie County Sheriffs Department and the Iowa State Patrol".

    Hannan stated "if they (the Cube) had things under control non of that would be necessary" and "This is not the way we should be behaving in our community".



    Roger Sandau stated "We have to take the word of our officers that are on the street at night, Lt. Geer, Chief Carmody and the city attorney, they are the subject matter experts, they are who is in the trenches every single day".

    Mike Wolff, the one dissenting voice stated "If at the end of the day you look at the liquor license and the information we have in regards to over serving, there a few for sure, but there's not a ton".

    Another point made by Council Bluffs Police was video evidence and the lack of. In all cases when Council Bluffs Police would ask to see video evidence of incidents, Cube Lounge staff and owner would not produce video evidence. The Cube made references like the machine was broke or staff would say the owner will have to show that to you. When the owner would be asked to provide video evidence he'd say ask a staff member. Council Bluffs Police point out not one time did the Cube ever produce any video they asked for during any incident.



    Lt. Chad Geer also spoke at the study session. Lt. Geer stated "We didn't wake up this morning to pick on the Cube". "As what I see this is a quality of life issue for our City. It doesn't bring us anything but problems, it creates not only danger for our law enforcement officers but for anybody who's in the community".

    One citizen whom lives in the Sawyer building spoke out.. The citizen stated "This should not be up for debate, this place should be closed". 

    Metro News Now almost exactly a year ago started our investigation into the Cube Ultra Lounge. Metro News Now was contacted by multiple citizens in angst over the Cube Lounge and their quality of living which was greatly effected by the Lounge they stated to us. Metro News Now can confirm we've seen multiple incidents come from the Cube over the past year.

    The next step for the Cube if they elect to do so is to appeal the city council's decision to revoke their license. Deb Petersen stated the Cube would appeal the city council's decision to the The Iowa Alcoholic Beverages Division. The appeal must be done within 30 days of the council's decision.

    Noted is the absence of the Cube Lounge owner Frank Hoover during the study session or regular Council Meeting.

    View the study session video on the Cube Ultra Lounge


    View the Council Bluffs City Council meeting video on the Cube decision



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