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    Council Bluffs Block 100 Brawl-halla and more returns


    Around 1 am Friday morning Metro News Now arrived at Block 100 in Council Bluffs after a brawl erupted again. Upon arrival, the Council Bluffs Police, Pottawattamie County Sheriff and Iowa State Patrol were on scene in mass tending to the situation of another brawl.

    Also upon arriving as we pulled into the parking lot opposite corner of block 100, A male was urinating only feet from the brawl incident where Iowa Law Enforcement was present. In the photo below we can see the male urinating from behind and the urine puddle below him. Very brazen to say the least considering police are only feet from him tending to the brawl situation.


    The Jeep located next to the man urinating was later seen by Metro News Now slamming into the retaining wall on the new viaduct from 8th and Broadway to 16th and Broadway. Metro News Now notified police of the incident however that driver got away.

    The urination problem was previously mentioned in a past Metro News Now article after residents of the area complained about to us.

    By the time Metro News Now arrived, the brawl was over and the scene was under control by Iowa Law Enforcement. fighting has been an issue in the past and recent past on Block 100.

    One specific bar seems to be the ongoing issue. Large amounts of people from Omaha come over to this bar for special events during the weekday and hold 18 yr old plus events mixing bar patrons with minors and legal age drinkers.

    The bars security is also inadequate and can't control situations when they occur leaving it up to Council Bluffs Police to intervene during most of these situations. This puts Council Bluffs Citizens, Council Bluffs Police and bar patrons at risk.

    The past couple of months Council Bluffs Police have stepped up patrols in the area which has helped tremendously. There's no doubt the efforts by Council Bluffs Police have been effective and we've heard from residents of that area that stepped up patrols has had a positive outcome. But is that enough? No, it's not.

    Council Bluffs Police for one are not babysitters, they can only do so much, especially when the rest of the community needs their services. When a bar refuses to make public safety an issue, that means police resources are needed more often and it hurts the community.

    It also appears when the Council Bluffs Police are not present, the situation is taken advantage of. Police can't just sit there all the time and monitor what's going on. When unruly bars and patrons of that establishment don't see police they go back to their normal patterns. Proof in that statement as for one example would be this last incident.

    In the near future the Council Bluffs City Council will look at renewing one problem bars liquor licence renewal. 

    Omaha recently had a issue with a North Omaha bar (Reign Lounge located at 8913 N. 30th st Omaha, Ne) that's been very similar to a situation happening right now in Council Bluffs. Reigns Lounge had its liquor license not renewed back in Feb of 2020. The Nebraska State Liquor Commission also sided with the Omaha City Council around August 4th of 2020.

    Reign lounge had it's license not renewed because neighbors were constantly having to put up with loud noise, fights, parking, trash and gunfire. 

    Reign Lounge was also the location where Army Sgt Kyle LeFlore was killed outside of.

    The Omaha City Attorney also stated that Reign Lounge had acquired hundreds of hours of response calls from OPD. 

    Reign lounge is proof something can be done in the Block 100 situation. The Council Bluffs City Council needs to take action when this bars license is up for renewal. 

    Residents that are fed up with a particular bar can step up to the state of Iowa and help Council Bluffs Police, The Council Bluffs City Council and the community by directly addressing the issue at Block 100. Here's how


    After you lodge your complaint with the State of Iowa, you should then send a letter to the Council Bluffs City Council lodging a complaint if you haven't already done that. You can do so here

    City Council
    Physical Address
    209 Pearl St.
    Suite 102
    Council Bluffs, IA 51503


    Video of Friday Morning incident




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