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    Council Bluffs 100 Block - The graffiti zone


    Metro News Now took a trip down to the 100 block of Council Bluffs after receiving some interesting emails in regards to the 100 block and it's current state of condition with the businesses boarded up.

    Many of the emails were actually citizens not happy with the graffiti painted on the boarded up businesses.

    Metro News Now also heard from a business owner in the area who wishes to not be identified.

    With the responses we received Metro News Now decided to go out and hear from some citizens. When we asked some citizens driving by what they thought about the graffiti, many stated they could relate to why the art or slogans are there but felt it's a eye sore.

    One email we received refereed to city ordinance 8.45.010 and property values. One business owner was concerned some may leave the boarded graffiti up after the protest issues are over.











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