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    Block 100 bars and patrons say they want Cube Lounge gone, they cost them money and customers


    Council Bluffs, Ia -- The shooting at the Cube Ultra Lounge has business owners and patrons of other bars at Block 100 speaking up. They say they've had enough.

    Metro News Now spoke with bar owners and patrons on Block after the shooting, they all had one consensus, they want the Cube gone.

    Bar owners of block 100 are mad because they lose lots of money. Patrons were mad because they don't feel safe. The incidents that have occurred, the money the business lose and the safety of people are at issue. Bar owners and patrons of block say it's time to stop.

    Jefferson Lounge on Block is one of them businesses. Taylor, an employee of Jefferson's Lounge has seen a lot since opening a year ago on block 100. Taylor states when the shooting occurred bar patrons left costing the business patrons and income. he said many of them were afraid to stay. He said it ruined the business for the evening. He also said this happens a lot.

    Jefferson told metro News Now they've lost a lot of money since opening over the issues that happen across the street. 

    The Council Bluffs City Council voted 4 - 1 to not renew the Cube Ultra Lounges Liquor license several weeks ago. The one councilman who didn't vote to remove the Cubes license was Mike Wolf. As business lose money and patrons, Wolf voted against them in favor of a bar that's brought many complaints year after year.

    Mike Wolfs seat is up 12/23/2021.

    Metro News Now visited Jefferson's to speak with Taylor. This is a very classy bar and professional staff. We encourage block 100 goers to visit Jeffferson's Lounge and support them. 




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