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    As Katelmen Pool reaches capacity Pirates Cove is slated to open


    Council Bluffs, Ia -- As Katelmen's Pool reaches capacity Pirates Cove on N 21st is about to open.

    Metro News Now spoke with a representative at Pirates Cove today. We're being told Pirates Cove is slated to open but the exact date is yet unknown.

    Pirate Cove's pool has been filled and is being tested currently. A lifeguard shortage is the reason Pirates Cove hasn't opened yet. Metro News Now has been told lifeguards have now been certified and they're getting ready to open.

    Kids and parents of the West End have been concerned the pool wouldn't open, those concerns however can be sidetracked due to this new information.

    Without much for kids to do this summer and as we rebound from covid, this is welcomed news for our youth, parents and the public.

    At capacity: Katelman's Pool


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