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    Theft suspects caught after a grab and go at Walgreens on East Broadway in Council Bluffs


    Council Bluffs, Ia -- On January 2, 2021 at 2:30 a.m. Council Bluffs dispatch received a call that 2 males at the Walgreens on North Broadway filled up 2 baskets of high dollar items that were wrapped in security packaging then fled out an emergency exit of the store.

    Once the 2 males exited the store they got into a Black Cadillac Escalade with Nebraska plates and fled west on Broadway.

    Metro News Now was out covering another story, as it happened we were traveling east on Broadway at the time the call came in. Once MNN hit 28th and Broadway we noticed a Council Bluffs Police Officer had someone pulled over in the west bound lane on Broadway. As MNN drove past we then noticed it was a black Cadillac Escalade that matched the description of the Walgreens call.

    After Walgreens called in the theft, moments later a Council Bluffs Police Officer can be heard saying back to dispatch, "I believe I have that Escalade stopped right now."

    Metro News Now then pulled into an area to video the incident. Council Bluffs PD had 1 suspect removed from the vehicle and was asking a second individual to get out of the vehicle. We noticed Council Bluffs Police asked the individual sitting in what appeared to be the back seat to exit the vehicle multiple times, we could hear the individual refusing to get out multiple times.

    Once CBPD realized the individual was not going to get out, other officers were called over to assist in the extraction of the individual.

    As Council Bluffs Police attempted to remove the second suspect he appeared to physically fight with the police officers. Council Bluffs Police took the suspect to the ground, cuffed and detained him.

    Once both suspects were detained another Council Bluffs Police officer searched the Escalade and brought out 2 baskets full of items that matched Walgreens description of items that were taken. Both suspects matched Walgreens physical description.

    Both suspects were eventually taken to Pottawattamie County Jail and booked.

    Arrested was
    MCCROY, BARRY DARVELL    2021-01-02    3:59 AM    

    • Theft 4th -- Shoplifting    $1,000.00
    • Interference with Official Acts (Completed)     
    • Theft 4th -- Shoplifting (Completed)     
    • FUGITIVE FROM JUSTICE - 1989 (Completed)     
    • FUGITIVE FROM JUSTICE - 1989     
    • Interference with Official Acts

    The second suspect we don't have charges for and will be publishing that once we determine who he is and what charges were applied. 


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