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    State of Nebraska details what they believe happened in the Murder of Omaha realtor, Michael “Mickey” Sodoro


    The State of Nebraska details what they believe happened in the Murder of Omaha realtor, Michael “Mickey” Sodoro in court on Monday.

    Metro News Now will only use what the exact court documents reveal in this article so you can see the full scope of the charges and details.

    • (1) 10107 - Criminal Homicide 99
    • (1) 21683 - Weapon: Use to commit felony - Gun 28-1205 (1) (C)

    This information contained within this affidavit is based upon information your affiant Deputy J, Tinsley S323 has gained from my information, my personal observations, my training and experience, and/or information related to me by other law enforcement officers and/or agents. Your affiant has set forth the facts I believe that are necessary to establish probable cause to believe that evidence of violation of Nebraska State Statute 28-303, 28-304, and/or 28-305.

    On Tuesday, 29 Dec 20 at 0241 hours, DSCO Deputies responded to 19726 K St., Omaha, Douglas County, Ne, in reference to a missing adult. Upon arrival Deputy O'Neill, S462, contacted the reporting party. Michael Sodoro II. Sodoro II advised that his father Michael Sodoro was missing. Sodoro II advised he spoke to Michael at 1710 hours on 28 Dec 20 over the phone. Sodoro II stated Michael advised that he was waiting at the office until 1800 hours, because he was going to meet a client, Ross Lorello. Sodoro II said Michael was going to show Lorello the property located at 19350 W St., Omaha, Douglas County, Ne at 1830 hours. Sodoro II advised Michael was supposed to collect the deposit and first months rent from Lorello. Sodoro II stated Lorello had set up times to meet Michael twice before but cancelled both times. Sodoro II said Michael advised him he would be home in about an hour and a half.

    Sodoro II stated that he later tried to contact and locate his father but Michaels phone went straight to voicemail. Sodoro II also advised that Michael typically carries a couple hundred dollars in cash on his person. Sodoro II stated Michael drives a dark gray 2019 Chevrolet Silverado (WBE122/NE). Sodoro II said he drove to the rental house address and Michaels work address, but was unable to locate him or his vehicle. After Deputies entered Michael as missing Sodoro II advised Michael's vehicle was equipped with On-Star. Sodoro II contacted On-Star, who provided deputies with the location of Michaels vehicle.

    Dep, O'Neill travelled to approximately 5308 S. 191st Avenue and located Michaels unoccupied and locked Chevrolet Silverado. The interior of the vehicle showed no apparent signs of a struggle.

    Your affiant, while assigned to the Major Crimes Unit with the Douglas County Sheriffs Office (DCSO), contacted Sodoro II by phone, for additional information. Sodoro II explained that he recently purchased the property located at 19350  W Street, Omaha, Douglas County, Ne as an investment property. Sodoro II stated that his father was assisting him by renting out the listed property. Sodoro II provided your affiant with the with the garage code to 19530 W Street and gave verbal permission for deputies to enter the home to search for Michael and/or any information to indicate his whereabouts.

    After entering the home deputies observed a ground level crawl space, in the garage, that was partially obstructed by metal shelving. Deputies observed a deceased male located inside the crawl space, covered by loose carpeting remnants. Deputies observed the male party was wearing black dress slacks and the torso was primarily exposed.

    your affiant, as well as personnel with the Forensics Services Division, arrived at the residence and received a briefing from the on-scene deputies. In completing a cursory walk-through of the home, your affiant observed a blood smear on a stair railing, leading from the basement to the main entryway. Your affiant observed apparent blood on the carpet in the dining room and an orange sweatshirt on the floor, in the kitchen pantry closet. In the upstairs hallway bathroom, your affiant observed apparent blood on the white bathtub.

    Deputies did not locate any other victims/persons inside the residence. the scene was secured, pending the authorization of a search warrant. The victims vehicle, a 2019 Chevrolet Silverado (NE Plate, WBE122), was towed to the DCSO West office, located at 3601 North 156th Street Omaha, Douglas County, Ne, and stored in the secured K-99 office sally port, pending forensic processing.

    While at the scene, the previous owner of the home Casey Freyer, arrived and indicated that neighbors had altered him to law enforcement activity at the house. Freyer briefly explained that he stopped at the house the previous evening and encountered the realtor, Michael Sodoro, and an unknown male. Freyer agreed to proceed to the DCSO to speak with an investigator.

    At 1300, Deputy B.M. O"Malley S-425, conducted an interview with Casey Freyer, the prior owner of 19350 W Street. Freyer advised that on Monday, 28 Dec 20, at 1810 hours, Freyer observed Michaels vehicle parked in front of 19350 W Street. Freyer approached the vehicle and spoke to Michael. Freyer advised Michael that he had additional keys for the house to provide Michael. Freyer advised that he would return to his nearby home, retrieve the keys and come back to provide them to Michael.

    At approximately 1817 hours, Freyer returned to 19350 W Street. At this point Michaels truck was still parked in the street, with the engine running, but Michael was not present. Freyer also observed a Ford Edge with partial Nebraska plate "WE" , parked in the driveway.

    Freyer observed a "Bigger" unknown male, wearing a orange "Hi-Vis" sweatshirt, inside the house. From outside the house, it appeared that the unknown male was walking in the living room, behind the kitchen and in the main hallway where the bathroom is located. Freyer rang the doorbell and the unknown male opened the garage door to speak with Freyer. Freyer asked if Michael (The realtor) was there and the unknown male stated "He just jumped in a vehicle with one of his sons friends to look at a house" and "He'll be back in a little bit." The unknown male introduced himself to Freyer as the new renter and asked Freyer if he was the repair man coming over. Freyer told him no but did not identify himself as the previous home owner.

    Subsequent investigations determined that Lorello's fiancé, Briana Wiegand owns a 2016 black Ford Edge, with Ne plate WEY616. Video surveillance footage confirms that Lorello was driving the 2016 black Ford Edge, On 28 Dec 20, at 19950 hours.

    Lorello was located by assisting deputies and he agreed to come to the DCSO to speak with investigators. During a post-Miranda interview, conducted by Deputy J, Stehlik, S386, Lorello confirmed that he met with the realtor, Michael Sodoro, at the residence, located at 19350 W Street. DU19350 W Street. During this time, Lorello advised that during this time he was wearing a maroon/brownish sweatshirt, which he inadvertently left at he house. Lorello stated that he provided $9700.00 in cash, to Michael, and the leasing paperwork was signed. Lorello stated that Michael provided him with the keys and the garage door openers for the home. Lorello stated that approximately twenty (20) minutes, Michael left the house to meet  with someone else, leaving his pickup parked, with the engine running. Lorello recalled speaking with Freyer, while in the garage. Lorello indicated that he secured the house and drove away.

    Lorello provided written consent to allow a collection of his physical characteristics, including DNA and major case prints. Lorello was later released from the Sheriffs office.

    During the execution of the court authorized search warrant at the scene, an orange sweatshirt was located with possible blood on it. The Forensics Services Division processed the scene for latent prints locating two (2) partial left hand palm prints on the bathtub edge, in the hallway bathroom. One of the latent prints was partially contained in blood. on 30 Dec 20, both of the recovered latent prints were later identified to Lorreo.

    Michaels body was examined and a small hole, consistent with a gunshot wound, was found on the backside of his head.

    DCSO Deputies also executed a court authorized search warrant upon Wiegan's vehicle. in the trunk, where the spare tire is kept, deputies located a 22LR handgun revolver wrapped in a towel. Upon clearing the revolver, five (5) loaded rounds and one (1) fired casing were removed from the weapon.

    On Wed, 30 Dec 20, Michael Sodoro's autopsy confirmed that the cause of death was a small caliber, close contact gunshot wound to the back of the head.

    On Wed, 30 Dec 20, deputies located Lorello, at a friends house, located at 3315 Charles Street Omaha, Douglas County, Nebraska. Lorello was transported to the Correctional Center and booked on a charge of Criminal Homicide and Use of a gun to commit a felony, F1C.

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