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    Police chase into Iowa and Nebraska ends in arrest

    Council Bluffs, Iowa -- Omaha, Nebraska -- Early Friday morning around 1:30 am, Omaha Police, Able-1 and Council Bluffs police pursued a Chevy Silverado.

    Omaha Police started the chase but discontinued and let Omaha Police's Able-1 helicopter take over.

    The suspect entered into Iowa using I-480 then I-29 east. While on I-29 east the suspect got off at the South Expressway exit near Manawa, she then turned right around and headed back to I-29 traveling west and went back into Omaha using I-480.

    The chase span was a large area after leaving Council Bluffs. The suspect  took the North Freeway then traveled up Sorenson Parkway all the way to 90th Street.

    From 90th street the chase went into the Cunningham Lake area and back to Sorenson Pkwy.

    From Sorenson the suspects went into a residential neighborhood by Taylor Street and wound out on Cass St. The suspect then crossed Dodge St. taking Rose Blumkin behind the Nebraska Furniture Mart. From there the suspects took 72nd street south and eventually had to give up right after passing the Center St. overpass.

    Omaha Police did spike strip the truck and did get 2 tires deflated earlier on into the chase, that didn't stop the suspect. The suspect drove the tires off and spun out multiple times almost crashing. Eventually the suspect spun out right after crossing under the Center Street overpass in Omaha.

    Suspect was immediately apprehended and transported to the Douglas County Jail.

    Arrest video


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