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    Man with knife stopped by Council Bluffs Police



    Council Bluffs, Ia -- Around 3 pm Pottawattamie County Dispatch received a 911 call that a suspect was trying to stab multiple people at 1117 S. 28th street in Council Bluffs.

    Shortly after Council Bluffs Police arrived an officer requested less lethal rounds and also a Sgt to be on scene. After the Sgt arrived and less lethal rounds Council Bluffs Police made entry into the home where the suspect with a knife was.

    Moments after entry 1 round of the less lethal gun could be heard going off.

    Officers almost immediately emerged from the home after the shot and requested Council Bluffs Paramedics for taser deployment and a less lethal shot to the suspect.

    Paramedics arrived and took the suspect to a local hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

    The suspect or officers names involved haven't been released.

    From the time of the call until the time the situation was handled was very short. One Council Bluffs Police officer made split second decisions that were detrimental in saving the life of the suspect with the knife.

    Council Bluffs Police are well trained for these types of situations. Often Council Bluffs Police are put in these types of situations and the training they've received obviously pays off.

    The Council Bluffs Police officers in this situation deserve recognition for the life saving decisions they made today.

    The citizens of Council opted to fund a new police station for their police not long ago. The investment has paid off many times over for the community.

    This is a developing story we will update once Council Bluffs Police put out an official press release.


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