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    Cube Lounge patron in Council Bluffs arrested for DUI


    Council Bluffs, Ia -- The Council Bluffs city Council voted 4 - 1 over a week ago to not renew the Cube Ultra Lounge's liquor license. During that meeting a local resident said that he felt the Cube was over-serving customers. The resident also testified to the Council Bluffs City Council he witnessed the Cube's patrons causing issues after leaving the bar and said he felt as if the Cube was over-serving liquor to its customers and that made them more intoxicated than what they should be.

    The driver above was initially pulled over because a call had been placed to the Pottawattamie County Dispatch center that a out of control driver was leaving block 100. Once pulled over the initial call the officer initiated a filed sobriety test to the driver. After the initial field sobriety test the officer administered a breathalyzer to the suspect. The suspect tested over double the amount BAC allowed by state law and was placed under arrest.

    During the video taping of this incident the driver admitted to being at the Cube and drinking Long Island Iced Teas.


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