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    Benjamin Merksick arrested for attempted murder incident outside Sugars Bar in Council Bluffs


    On 8/1//2020 at 11:23 pm officers were dispatched to 2725 East Kanesville Blvd, Sugars Lounge, in reference to a male party shooting a gun in the parking lot.

    When officers arrived, they noticed 2 patrons (heroes) had the offender Benjamin Merksick on the ground. Officers were able to take Merksick into custody.




    After further investigation it was determined that Merksick had gotten into a argument inside the establishment and went outside to his vehicle to grab a rifle. Merksick then shot the rifle several times in the vicinity of many patrons.

    As Merksick was attempting to reload, 2 of the patrons were able to take Merksick to the ground before officers arrived. There were no injuries reported at the time of the incident Merksick was transported to the Pottawattamie County Corrections and charged with Attempted Murder, Intimidation with a dangerous weapon and going armed with intent. 

    If you have information in reference to this incident please contact the Council Bluffs Police Crime Stoppers at 712-328-STOP.  This incident is under investigation by the Criminal Investigation Division.

    Metro News Now was on scene after the incident occurred. Council Bluffs Police had the parking lot area cordoned off with Merksick's car in the crime scene while Council Bluffs CSI was documenting evidence.

    According to the patrons we spoke too, Sugars is a good place that hardly has any issues and has been at that location for some years. Patrons we spoke to says it has a good crowd and a very friendly staff and serves good food.

    Metro News Now also has exclusive video footage and photos of Merksick in the police car talking to the detective and the crime scene below along with the actual 911 dispatch.


    Listen to the 911 dispatch call to officers.

    "Audio Provided by Broadcastify"


    Watch the video of Benjamin Merksick in the back of the Council Bluffs Police unit and view the crime scene


    View photos of Benjamin Merksick at the crime in the back of a Council Bluffs Police cruiser and the crime scene itself.





    View the actual Press Release from the Council Bluffs Police Department.








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