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    Able-1 pursuit and Omaha Police apprehend chase suspects near 42nd and Center

    Omaha, Ne -- Around 5:15 pm Omaha Police noticed a silver Audi that had a possible felony warrant suspect in it. Omaha Police didn't chase the vehicle out of Omaha into Council Bluffs however, Able-1 from the Omaha Police Department did.

    Able-1 was able to keep track of the vehicle from the air. After the suspects left Council Bluffs following a brief encounter with Council Bluffs Police they headed back west on I-480 into Omaha. Once the suspects were in Omaha they went North then back south to Center Street. Once the suspects were on Center Street they were forced to give up the pursuit at around 40th and Center.

    Omaha Police apprehended 2 suspects, a male and a female and transported them to the Douglas County Jail. Charges are yet unknown for the two arrested.

    Thanks to the help of Able-1 this was all possible to do without incident. Able-1 allows the police to follow suspects until Police can throw stop sticks and make them stop. This method also lowers the possibility of injury to other citizens during a chase. A positive advantage for police and the community. 

    Metro News Now has witnessed a few of these car chases for sure involving Able-1. We can tell you first hand, Able-1 never loses. Criminals beware.













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