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The Official Metro News Now Blog. Stay informed about our website, new features and more.

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Welcome to Metro News Now

Welcome to the new Omaha and Council Bluffs News site called Metro News Now! Why Metro News Now?  Metro News Now has been started to combat the mainstream media and their willingness to forget the needs of the people. Mainstream media by the day gets worse in regards to how they try and influence our lives in a negative controlling way. Local mainstream media tends to hide facts, distort viewpoints of the general public, give half truths and sometimes out right lies about the news they re



Citizen Journalism & Video, We LOVE IT!

Metro News Now LOVES citizen journalism and video. At Metro News Now we feel the best way to inform the public is by the public. We can't be everywhere at once, but we can count on our citizens of Omaha and Council Bluffs to be anywhere and everywhere when news happens.  Do you have exciting, informative video footage you want to share? Do you have a credible story and facts to let us know about with photos or video? If so, we have a platform for just that.  If you have video, we re



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